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Water Heaters

  • Tank-less
    • Tank-less water heaters are becoming more popular everyday.  Rolling Bear Plumbing has trained technicians to provide you with installation and service.  You should always use a professional to complete the installation of these models, because of the many factors involved in the installation of this type of water heater.
  • Gas
    • Gas heat is the most efficient source to supply your hot water needs.  Rolling Bear Plumbing has the training and experience to solve any problem with your gas water heater.
  • Electric
    • Electric water heaters require more knowledge of the system than gas systems and present a unique array of safety hazards.  At Rolling Bear Construction, our employees are safety conscious and qualified to service your hot water needs.

Slab Leaks Detection

  • Leak & line location- we will make every effort to provide you an accurate and educated diagnosis.
  • Sewer Leaks
    • Careful testing goes into finding and locating a sewer leak.  Use of test equipment by our skilled technicians will provide you a detailed description of your problem(s).
  • Water Leaks
    • Our state of the art equipment and years of experience will find the water leak indoors or out.

Slab Leaks Repair

  • Tunneling
    • An option to access lines in need of repair is to tunnel under a slab foundation.  By tunneling you prevent any cosmetic or collateral damage to the interior of the house. 
  • Slab Penetrations
    • Penetrating concrete slabs can turn into a nightmare if proper logistical planning is not done.  Although it is not the most favorable option, sometimes it is necessary.  Rolling Bear Plumbing will explore all possible and reasonable solutions to prevent the noise, dust (put up dust protection), and debris (keep jobsite clean as we work) from damaging your home. 

Sewer Yard Line Repair & Replacement

  • In the past, plumbers used the best available materials to meet requirements.  Over time these methods have become outdated and sometimes create the need for repair or replacement of those sewer lines.  Rolling Bear Plumbing can define and locate the problem and provide a solution for your needs.
  • Repair
    • Rolling Bear Plumbing can pinpoint the location of the problem, which allows us to precisely excavate and repair the problem.
  • Replace old line
    • Rolling Bear Plumbing can replace your line when required by either hand excavation or trenching, providing the most economic and satisfying method for you.
  • Re-route sewer line
    • In some circumstances, repair or replacement of an existing line is not structurally or economically reasonable.  Rolling Bear Plumbing can design a reroute of the line to possibly eliminate undo cost or damage to your property.

Gas Leaks

  • Testing for leaks
    • Rolling Bear Plumbing will test your home for gas leak using the recommended method prescribed by your Municipality.  We want to be sure you and your family will have peace of mind when it comes to your gas piping.
  • Leak repairs
    • We at Rolling Bear Plumbing only use quality materials and meet strict code standards when repairing your gas line.  A quick patch is not the safest route for your family.

Repair and Installations

  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Lavatories
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Food disposals

Maintenance Plans

  • Rolling Bear Plumbing offers residential preventative maintenance plans on all types of fixtures and appliances.  Let us show you the benefits and cost savings you can enjoy with a preventative maintenance plan.

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