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Water Heaters

o        Repair and Service

§         Technicians with training will diagnose and service your HW requirements.

o        Annual Inspections

§         We at Rolling Bear Plumbing can schedule annual inspections to head off any foreseeable problems.

o        Replacement

§         In the event of a failure, our service team can replace your existing HW equipment.

o        Circulating Systems

§         A circulating system can be the heart of your HW needs.  Service agreements providing preventative maintenance by trained and experienced technicians will keep the hot water flowing.

Preventive Maintenance Service Agreements

o        Staying ahead of problems is a key in business.  Rolling Bear Plumbing would like to help with this by providing custom tailored Preventative Maintenance Programs to meet your budget and production needs

o        Hydro Jetting

§         Commercial, institutional, and food service industries can all benefit from well-tailored maintenance of their drains.  PM’s can save down time from emergency blockages, prevent contamination from backups resulting in Health Code Violations or even give piece of mind that there won’t be any surprises you haven’t budgeted.

o        General Maintenance

§         Many parts of your plumbing system require good maintenance.  Water Heaters can last indefinitely with good maintenance.  Filters, pumps, cross connection devices, faucets, and other equipment can last longer with the proper care and attention that Rolling Bear Plumbing provides.

Faucets & Fixtures

o        Repair/ Rebuild

§         We will always repair and rebuild your faucets and fixtures with quality parts and make sure they operate as the manufacturer intended.

o        Replacements

§         Sometimes replacements of faucets and fixtures are necessary.  Rolling Bear Plumbing will use its expertise to insure a quality installation.

o        New Installations

§         Have a spot you want to install a new fixture?  Rolling Bear Plumbing can design plumbing and install a new fixture.

Drain Stoppages

o        A drain stoppage can slow or shut down the productivity of any business.  It can cost far more than the expense of cleaning the drain.  Rolling Bear Plumbing wants to take care of your immediate problem and find solutions for you that will reduce your risk of a reoccurrence.

o        Clearing stoppages and cleaning

§         Rolling Bear Plumbing uses a variety of methods to keep you drains flowing, two of your most common methods are:

§         Hydro Jetting

·         We use a high pressure/ high velocity water jet to scour away build up and debris, which has accumulated in lines, and flush it away.  This method can bring your pipes back to a like new capacity.

§         Cable machines

·         Most blockages are caused by debris creating a damming effect in your drain lines.  Roots and other items can find their way into your drains.  Rolling Bear Plumbing uses different sized cable machines to cut away these obstructions and provide you with a drain system you can count on.

Water & Sewer Line Repairs & Replacement

o        Excavation

§         In some circumstances, digging is your only option.  If this is the case, we have the expertise, manpower, and the equipment to accommodate any size project. 

o        Slab penetrations

§         Penetrating concrete slabs can turn into a nightmare if proper logistical planning is not done.  Although it is not the most favorable option, sometimes it is necessary.  Rolling Bear Plumbing will explore all possible and reasonable solutions to prevent the noise, dust (put up dust protection), and debris (keep jobsite clean as we work) from damaging your business.

Gas Line Installation & Repair

o        Natural gas piping can produce situations that need immediate attention.  Heat, cooking, manufacturing can all be affected by your gas service.  We have the experience and equipment to solve your natural gas supply problems with as little inconvenience to your location as possible.

o        Leak location & testing

§         We have highly experienced technicians that can test and locate your system using a variety of methods to quickly get you back in operation.

o        Repairs

§         Repairs on gas systems can create many unforeseen circumstances.  When gas systems are repaired or altered, permits could possibly be required and possibly require that the entire system be brought up to current building code standards.  Rolling Bear Plumbing  can deal with these issues and can explain what the requirements will be, thus keeping you aware of what will be required to complete the necessary repairs and keep you in compliance with city building codes.

Grease Traps

o        Installation and maintenance are critical when it comes to grease traps.  Rolling Bear Plumbing can identify and remedy any problems that may arise from reconfiguration to maintenance programs.  Preventative maintenance agreements are a good solution to ensure systems will continue to run smoothly.

Pump Repair and Installation

o        Pumps are an integral part of a lot of commercial and industrial plumbing systems.  Rolling Bear Plumbing has the knowledge and experience to work with all types of pump systems: sewage, sum, fresh water booster, and equipment to name a few.

o        Sump pumps

§         Removal of ground water and sewage from lower elevations can cause severe damage if the pumps are not operational. Rolling Bear Plumbing has the equipment to service and install pump systems to keep you operational and dry.

o        Lift Stations

§         In design and construction the city sewers may not always be accessible by gravity flow.  For those situations a sewage lift station is required.  Rolling Bear Plumbing can install, maintain and service these systems with experienced trained technicians and keep you flowing.

o        Potable Water

§         Municipal water pressure is adequate for most installations up to 4 stories.  When you construct buildings in excess of this potable water must be pushed to the top by means of a pump system.  Understanding the science and technology associated with this procedure is part of what Rolling Bear Plumbing can provide to you.

Other Services

o        Vactron- We offer state of the art Vactron technologies with 100 gallons per minute vacuum capabilities.  With the vactron we can tunnel up to 300 feet from machine.  The vactron technologies can also be used for line location.  With the vactron we can do Excavation with suction and hydro-jet where digging isn’t possible.

o        Backhoe services- Rolling Bear Plumbing offers a full range of backhoe services: digging, trenching, cement saw cut and breaking with its latest technology and equipment.

o        Video inspection- Rolling Bear Plumbing also offers camera line inspection and video service.  Such camera technologies can be used for line locations even under slab with re-bar in it.  We can accurately locate the problem to speed up the job and lower the labor costs.

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